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Meet Henley-on-Thames Chiropractors :

Henley on Thames Chiropractor, Jorgen Rasmussen

Henley on Thames Chiropractor, Jorgen Rasmussen

Jorgen Rasmussen

Jorgen Rasmussen began his pre-chiropractic education at Odense University in Denmark. This was shared with the Medical first year students.

He was then accepted into the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Dorset, England, and completed the studies four years later in 1992.

After graduation he was offered several positions and, after yet more deliberation, chose a position in Australia offered by one of his previous lecturers at the college. “That position really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Chiropractic, an amazing amount of good work was done in that Clinic. This was especially evident in the treatment of babies and children. I finally knew that I had made the right choice years earlier to become a Chiropractor. Read more..

Dr. Ed Marshall, Henley on Thames Chiropractor

Henley on Thames Chiropractor,
Ed Marshall

Ed Marshall

Ed Marshall discovered the benefits of chiropractic in Australia. He had travelled extensively, always carrying a heavy rucksack, and his neck had become painfully stiff. After his first adjustment the chiropractor relieved the pain. He was so impressed by the versatility of the techniques employed and the philosophical principles underlying his methods, he continued to receive a series of treatments which restored his body back to full strength and vitality.

This inspired him so much, he enrolled at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic the following year so he could learn how to help others in the same way. Read more..

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