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Meet Dr Jorgen Rasmussen – B.Sc. (Chiropractic), D.C.(UK)

Deciding to become a Chiropractor

Henley on Thames Chiropractor, Jorgen Rasmussen

Dr Jorgen Rasmussen (Chiropractor)

“I took some time away from education to find out what I wanted to do in life after taking the equivalent of A-levels in Denmark,” says Jorgen Rasmussen. “My grades were good enough to study medicine but it did not feel like the right path for me. I had a few different jobs, did a lot of thinking and experienced some rather eye opening events and suddenly I just knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor. I had never experienced a treatment and never met a Chiropractor and therefore had to put a lot of trust in that decision.”

Chiropractic Education & Training

Jorgen Rasmussen began his pre-chiropractic education at Odense University in Denmark. This was shared with the Medical first year students.

He was then accepted into the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Dorset, England, and completed the studies four years later in 1992.

After graduation he was offered several positions and, after yet more deliberation, chose a position in Australia offered by one of his previous lecturers at the college.

That position really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Chiropractic, an amazing amount of good work was done in that Clinic. This was especially evident in the treatment of babies and children. I finally knew that I had made the right choice years earlier to become a Chiropractor.
Jorgen Rasmussen

Jorgen Rasmussen then spent a couple of years managing a Clinic in Northern Ireland before moving to Buckinghamshire and running several successful clinics there. In 1997 he and his now wife, Davina, expanded into the current location in West Street in Henley as Henley Chiropractic Clinic. They soon realised what a fantastic place Henley was and decided to focus on that one clinic only as the success of that clinic precluded any time spent on any other venture. Jorgen was the Chiropractor, Davina the massage therapist and together they also managed the clinic. The Clinic was later awarded high quality Clinic Management Award.

The House of Good Health and Henley Chiropractic Clinic merged in 2012 to form Henley Chiropractic Centre.

He has been a mentor for several newly graduated Chiropractic students and Chiropractic associates. He has completed numerous chiropractic post graduate courses, including The Wellness Practice, S.O.T, Applied Kinesiology and T.B.M., and has a particular interest in paediatric and full body/holistic Chiropractic.

Chiropractic is the Best Job Ever!

“No two patients are the same; every patient needs an individual and specific treatment plan. Twenty years down the line I am still amazed at the diversity of health problems people present with and how successful Chiropractic is in solving these problems, even in very difficult cases. The joy we get in this Clinic from using very safe and effective techniques and watching people improve day in and day out, and continuously learning about health and improving our service makes me feel like my career is just starting out. Chiropractic is simply the best job ever”.

Jorgen Rasmussen lives near Henley with his wife Davina and daughter Natasha. He loves spending time with his family and is a great lover of music and sport. He also engages in local charity work on a regular basis.

“Henley is a very special and vibrant place. We are incredibly lucky to have great schools, the Clinic, the countryside and a great town right at our doorstep. We are very happy here.”

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