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Dr. Adam Manning MChiro, D.C.(UK)

Dr. Adam Manning
MChiro, D.C.(UK)

Meet Dr. Adam Manning – MChiro, D.C.(UK)

Deciding to become a Chiropractor

Following a shoulder injury I was a chiropractor’s patient and was so impressed by the results that I decided to train as one.  I studied chiropractic at AECC in Bournemouth, Dorset, following a four years Masters degree (MChiro) validated by Bournemouth University.

I have practised in Edinburgh, Manchester, Essex and Windsor.  Before training I was a fitness and climbing coach for Reebok for many years, and I have always had a keen interest in people’s health and well-being.

I have treated people from all walks of life, including professional sports people, from babies to centenarians, and I continue to receive treatments from my colleagues.

Other Passions

In my spare time I love to be active outdoors … in or on the water, in mountains, or just in the countryside.

The Purpose of Chiropractic

The purpose of chiropractic, in my opinion, is to facilitate the natural healing process of the body by relieving congestion within the nervous system caused by structural trauma, compensational patterns, or emotional stress.

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